Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The El Paso Playhouse Presents "The Clown Who Ran Away"

The El Paso Playhouse is putting the finishing touches on the upcoming production of The Clown who Ran Away. The show opens this weekend with a charity show on Thursday night.

The play is about a clown who runs away from the circus and meets many interesting characters on her journey. In this production you will see Mrs. Frumpkins and her doll-maker Annie along with their collection of special and talented dolls. Audience members will get to help the Sheriff and Ki Ki the clown get to the bottom of the kidnapping of the dolls by the evil villains Boo and Ugly. To top everything off the play even features a writing horse that would give Mr. Ed a run for his money in the brains department.

Stevo has been cast in the show as George, the boy with the yo-yo. My wife and I have been crossing our fingers that Stevo doesn't drive the director mad or knock anyone out with the yo-yo that he plays with on stage.

This is Stevo's first show and we are thankful that the people at the playhouse (cast, crew, and director) have been great in putting up with a nine-year old who thinks he is ready to audition for his own show on the Disney Channel. The director has the patience of a Saint.

Watching Stevo on stage is more nerve-wracking than watching him play sports. There are no time outs in live theatre, so dad is just gonna keep his fingers crossed and hope for the best. I am truly grateful to the Playhouse for giving young ones a chance to experience the arts up close and personal. I hope everyone comes out to support a great family show.

Show Info (thanks to Lynne Du Mond for the info) :
The Clown Who Ran Away directed by Moises Hinojos
El Paso Playhouse is located at 2501 Montana
Show runs August 6-21
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm
call 532-1317 for tickets
Tickets: $5 students under 18
$7 adults

Stevo playing the part of George

Stevo and his yo-yo

The villains Ugly and Rudolph Bernard Boo

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